Why “A Rushed Joke”?

I was once asked why I decided to name my blog “A Rushed Joke,” mostly because of the negative connotations of the word “rushed.” As I mentioned in the “About Josh” page, “A Rushed Joke” is an anagram for my name. I found this to be humorous and it grew on me.

I think that the perception of the person who asked me why I went with “A Rushed Joke” was that “rushed” implies that I don’t take the proper amount of time on my work, criticisms, and ideas. I suppose that, given the context, this is a good point. However, I meant to start this blog as a way to share my life, ideas, criticisms, prose, and stand-up comedy.

Stand-up comedy is, I think, especially important with regard to the name of my blog. When I was performing regularly I had to deal with hecklers and unexpected interruptions (as most stand-up comedians will tell you, this is a universal experience). My concept of “A Rushed Joke” is actually one of on-the-spot creativity. Being able to deal with hecklers in an audience is a form of art that requires a lot of practice and even more imagination. I’m tempted to make a comparison to improvisational comedy, in which the comedians have to come up with jokes on the fly, one after another. With that in mind, the words I associate with “A Rushed Joke” are: creativity, imagination, skill, art, and comedy.

My definition of “A Rushed Joke,” from the Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language of Joshua Derke (Fifth Edition):

A•Rushed•Joke [ey-ruhshd-johk] /e rəʃt dʒok/: noun–A concept which I apply to the name and philosophy of my blog which is comprised of imagination, creativity, knowledge, art, skill, comedy, and awesomeness.

Usage Note: It’s anagrammatic.

Noted antonyms: A Lethargic Quip, A Lazy Slur, A Morose Mumble, A Lackadaisical Pun, A Dilatory Witticism

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