Book Reviews

Welcome to my book reviews page! Here you’ll find a list of the book reviews that I’ve written on this blog, with links to each of them. Fair warning: there will be spoilers in my reviews.

I give each book a rating based on a simple star system: the highest rating a book can achieve is five stars, and the lowest a book can achieve is one star. In special circumstances, I will give a book a rating of zero stars

  1. Ken Liu
    1. Invisible Planets
      1. Part 1: Introduction
      2. Part 2: “The Year of the Rat” by Chen Qiufan
  2. Scott Lynch
    1. The Republic of Thieves 
      1. Review (5/5)
  3. Dan Brown
    1. Inferno
      1. Review (2/5)
  4. Blake Crouch
    1. Dark Matter
      1. Review (5/5)
  5. Howard Zinn
    1. A People’s History of the United State 1492-2001
      1. Review (5/5)
  6. Devamrita Swami
    1. Hiding in Unnatural Happiness
      1. Review (1/5)
  7. David Walton
    1. The Genius Plague
      1. Advance Review (4/5)
      2. Review (5/5)
  8. Hillary Rodham Clinton
    1. What Happened
      1. Review (5/5)
  9. Andy Weir
    1. Artemis
      1. Review (4/5)
  10. Noor Unnahar
    1. yesterday i was the moon
      1. Review (5/5)
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