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Hypothetical Physics

As a geek I’m naturally a huge fan of the xkcd webcomic. It’s a witty take on math and science and is generally accessible to people who are not experts in either field (I have a passing familiarity compared to the grand and complete wealth of the knowledge that exists).

I’ve been reading the “what if?” blog attached to the webcomic for a while now, and I figured I’d just go ahead and make a short post to share it. what if? is a fantastic take on hypothetical science questions ranging from how many data punch cards google’s datacenters would take to what would happen if you tried to fly a plan in different Solar System atmospheres.

One of my favorites is one about orbital speed. Randall Munroe somehow makes some of the dry topics of physics and makes them interesting and comical, not to mention easy to understand because he includes very cool graphics in his own unique art style. For instance:

Yay! Space!

It’s a good way for someone, like me, who loves science to get introduced to new ideas that they can learn about in more detail later.

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