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Mario Warfare

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the past I’ve written about how much I like and support fan-made videos about video games. Previously I wrote about Fallout: Nuka Break , which I thought was a wonderful example of fan ingenuity. The prop designs for the weapons and the clothing were very well done.

Via Geekosystem, the good people at Beat Down Boogie have produced “Mario Warfare.” Beat Down Boogie has produced other videos, such as “Modern War Gear: Solid.”

It’s really, really good, but as Geeksosystem notes, they may not be able to continue the project due to money shortfalls. I’m not exactly rolling in cash myself, and I certainly can’t donate any money to their kickstarter right now, but if you’d like to give these people a hand so that they can continue to make their wonderful movies, you can do so here: Mario Warfare Kickstarter. In the meantime, here is some excellent art they produced.

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