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Flash Fiction: Ticking

This is an older piece that I wrote, but I was looking through a list of things that I wanted to publish on my blog and this was at the top of the list. Now that I’ve got a bit of free time I think I can finally post it.

It’s a flash fiction story called Ticking that I wrote about five years ago. It’s only 91 words long, but I really like it. I hope that you do as well.

The clock was ticking slowly, reminding us each of our own mortality. But we didn’t care because the game was on.

A couple of other guys came over and asked if we wanted to go to the bar. We thought it was a great idea, so we decided to leave. The clock didn’t care.

As we got up, we knocked over the clock, which stopped ticking. It didn’t matter. It was already broken; hence the slow ticking.

On our way out, we didn’t notice the clock was dead.

But we would.

I have a few more flash fiction pieces that I’ve written, but I’m not really satisfied with them. I will probably work on them and then post them later.

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