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May 3, 2012 1 comment

As you may know, my long-term goal is to became a Physician Assistant (PA). Right now I’m taking classes to satisfy the program’s pre-reqs (it’s a Master of Science at most universities) because I didn’t take the necessary science classes when I was working for my Bachelor of Arts.

I’ve found this great journal, entitled “Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants,” that publishes peer-reviewed articles on research and much more. It’s pretty gratifying to know that PA’s can get published for research and interesting cases that they come across. I hope to be published in a prestigious journal such as this some day. There’s a permanent link under the “Science” links in case you ever want to check it out.

The second thing I’d like to mention is this fantastic NOVA series, called “The Fabric of the Cosmos.” Brian Greene hosts this four-part series that explores space, time, quantum mechanics, and the idea of the multiverse. It’s very illuminating and worth the time to watch.

Well, I’ve also decided that I need to teach myself calculus so I can better understand the physics behind quantum mechanics. I know–I must be crazy. But I never really wanted to take advanced calculus in a classroom setting. My new interest in quantum physics has fueled a desire for me to understand the mathematics, which has been thus far fairly intuitive.

So, for right now, there are all sorts of derivative equations on my balcony door (one of those huge window-door deals) that’s about seven feet tall. I use it as a gigantic dry-erase board. I know. That is pretty clever, isn’t it? (Don’t look at me like that–sometimes I get to be conceited.)