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Jon Stewart on SCOTUS Video Game Ruling

Jon Stewart tackled the recent Supreme Court ruling on video games in his signature comedic way, highlighting some of the absurdities of the ruling that I hadn’t touched on previously in my article.

I think Jon Stewart made good, salient points which shouldn’t be ignored. I’ve often asked why US culture has such an aversion and taboo against sexuality, and I can only come up with some pseudo-puritanical reason. I don’t really think that encapsulates all of it, but Christianity certainly has had a great deal of influence over our collective cultural consternation about sexuality.

Stewart also goes into the politics of the situation, which, because of the nature of this ruling, is extremely relevant. Like I said previously, I feel that culture-warrior politicians use this as a wedge issue to get credibility for caring about families and all that nonsense. It’s reminiscent of the controversy that started the Comics Code Authority.

Take note, the video contains graphic content of an extremely violent nature. It grossed me out.

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