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BioWare Will Rule the World!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few awesome things about one of my favorite video game publishers, BioWare.

I was going to make a couple of separate posts about BioWare TV, and a few Mass Effect 3 news bits, but in the interest of saving time I have decided to roll them into one.

First up is BioWare TV. BioWare TV is the showcase for a webshow called BioWare Pulse, which is good for keeping up with the latest and greatest BioWare has to offer. I recommend it if you’re a huge BioWare fan, as I am.

Next is an interview from Game Informer with Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson about how Mass Effect began. It’s definitely worth the watch if you’re interested in the gaming industry and how games are made.

Last, but not least, is the news from That VideoGame Blog that there will be no new relationships in Mass Effect 3, but only the conclusions of relationships from the previous games. The article, written by Rain Anderson, also states that the game will feature same-sex relationships. From the article:

In addition, while only female Sheps were able to swing both ways in previous games, same sex relationships are now an option for both male and female characters.

I think this is a really good development. I’m sure it will lead to the game being banned in China or come under intense scrutiny in Australia, but who really cares? Hint: not me. With the growing support of same-sex unions in the US, it’s good to see that represented in our popular culture.

Well, that’s it for now!

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