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Video games and YouTube webshows

This is an older story from Joystiq, but I thought it worthy of sharing anyway. Wayside Creations (website here is under construction), the people responsible for the rather entertaining YouTube video entitled Fallout: Nuka Break are seeking capital to create an entire webseries from this one video.

As a poor post-grad student, I haven’t nary a pence to give them, so I can only offer moral support.

One of the things I’m most interested in are the various “Fan Films” cropping up on sites like YouTube. The best, in my opinion, are the live-action films that are low-budget but very carefully filmed and lovingly made. There are a number of Half-Life 2 fan films that are masterfully done, as well as some based on games ranging from Max Payne to Resident Evil. Truthfully, I often enjoy these movies much more than big-budget Hollywood movies based on video games (lest we not forget the train wreck career of Uwe Boll–somewhat offset by Paul W.S. Anderson).

This gets me to another point: why do Hollywood producers think it necessary to divorce a movie based on a video game from the actual video game it is based on? Name any number of movies. Here are a few: Resident Evil, Max Payne, Tomb Raider, and Doom. Sure, these are all good movies, but if you’re honest about it you’ll admit that they bare precious little resemblance to the games that they’re based on.

You could make an argument based on artistic differences and repackaging a story for a wider audience, and I’ll grant that those arguments have some validity. Perhaps I’m just too attached to the video games because they had such a profound impact on me as I was playing them, and as I considered them.

The point stands, however, that most of these so-called “Fan Films” are absolutely fantastic.

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