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It’s Ben Heck’s World

Last month’s issue of Game Informer magazine had a very insightful interview with Ben Heck, a self-taught video game hardware modder. According to the interview, one of Ben Heck’s most popular mods has been a portable XBOX 360 Laptop.

After browsing Heck’s website, I can certainly see why he’s taken the internet by storm. Many of his custom projects are simply amazing. He’s designed one-handed XBOX 360 controllers for accessibility, among many other unique items.

According to the interview Heck gets a lot of requests from people who want unique items:

A lot of the time people send me requests, so I just choose the ones I find to be interesting and worth the time…So a lot of the time I don’t even come up with these projects, my customers do…

I would really love to be able to purchase one of his XBOX 360 laptops, but unfortunately the average price of such as device ranges from $4,000-$6,000. As a college student, I could only dream of owning one.

I thoroughly recommend browsing Heck’s site for more insights into his projects. He also has an internet show, if you’re interested.

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