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Customizable Controls for Disabled Gamers

Via Joystiq, apparently Visceral Games is adding customizable controls to Dead Space 2.

From the article, written by Mike Schramm:

Garratt is trying to play the horror sequel on PC, partly by pushing a mouse with his chin, and is unhappy that he can’t assign the “walk forward” command to a mouse button.

This story brings to light interesting aspects of game-play that I’ve never considered before. Since I don’t have any disabilities that interfere with my ability to play video games (unless I lose my glasses), I really can’t imagine what it’s like for Garratt to play a game. I do think that Visceral Games deserves a lot of credit for adding customizable controls for disabled players like Garrett, and hopefully other publishers will follow.

If you’re interested in signing the petition, you can here. I highly encourage you to do so.

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