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Video Game Writing

Matt Forbeck at Tor.com wrote a very informative article about breaking into video game writing.

Once you’re ready, the best way to break into video game writing is the same as it is for any other profession: networking. Sit down at your computer and do some research. Figure out where the people you want to work with have their offices and do what you can to meet the people there.

This is solid advice if you’re interested in a career in video game writing. I’ve often thought about edging my way into this field because it combines two things I love: writing and video games.

Like any career worth having, this one requires hard work and sacrifice. I’ve noticed that with the advent of social networking and the internet, networking is at once easier and more complex. To be published, you have to be marketable, which is made easier if you can build a solid readership on the internet.

Since I’m only three months away from graduation, I really need to think about what I’m going to do for a living. I’ll definitely consider a job writing video games.

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